(Hangover) Breakfast de luxe: Kimchi waffles with pea hummus, bacon, spinach and fried egg

N a, have you already chilled the sparkling wine for New Year's Eve and made all the preparations? Or do you have to relax for a short time from the Christmas efforts relax and did not you have the slightest desire to worry about the next big event? In any case, the man is already scratching his hoof and is mentally putting himself in the pole position for the start of the official Böllerverkauferei. Böller and rockets are ours - no matter where we celebrate. In case of doubt, the arsenal in the largest blue bag of the Schwedenmöbelhaus will also be dragged across Hamburg. There is no compromise - we are prepared for that.

Fortunately, this year we do not have to lug anything because we celebrate with friends at home. Yay! On the rough plan are fancy cocktails and drinks (which we have to consider even more in the next two days), tasty appetizers (which are not yet one hundred percent determined) and a not insignificant amount of table fireworks (of course). The rest will be found in a group shopping on Friday with champagne under it. I am very sure.

No matter where and how you celebrate - on the couch, with friends or with the big disco-dance-number - I hope you have a lot of fun Fun! And if - in spite of all your good intentions to drink huge amounts of water - in the morning after a tiny little Mietzekatze should cling to your head, marched you bravely move slowly towards the fridge and make you the most amazing hangover -Breakfast that you can imagine: spicy, crunchy waffles with Korean kimchi are coated with cool pea hummus, topped with salty bacon, hearty cheddar and crisp spinach leaves and topped with a hot fried egg. This is where everything comes together that a happy new year needs - including a generous helping of protein, vitamins, electrolytes, fiber and lots and lots of flavor.

Little Tip: If you prepare the batter and pea hummus the night before, i Incidentally, the whole morning in a few minutes crispy from the waffle iron and finished on the plate. And you can forgive yourself on the couch, alone or in a pack. Does that sound good?

Should you really need a waffle iron * now, this can be done via Amazon without stress and dragging. With non-stick coating, 1,000 watts, continuous temperature control and the upright storage option for € 19.99 a clever purchase. At the AmazonBasics you will find cheap and well thought-out products for every other situation as well as kitchen stuff. Most of the time you will be there the next day.

Well, now you are prepared for all eventualities. This strange 2016 may finally quietly forgive and make room for a loud, radiant 2017. I wish you a happy new year, lots of fun, little hangover, all the happiness of the world and many, very many delicious moments in the new year!Let it swell briefly. Then stir in the finely chopped kimchi.

Preheat the waffle iron and add 2-3 heaped tablespoons of dough in the middle. Close the waffle maker and bake a crispy waffle in about 3 minutes. Repeat until the dough is used up. The finished waffles e.g. Store on a griddle from the oven so that they do not become damp due to the escaping steam.

For the pea hummus, cook the peas in boiling salted water for approx. 4 minutes, drain and quench with cold water. Then process all ingredients in a small blender or smoothie maker * or with the blender to a smooth cream. Season with salt & pepper.

Fry the bacon on a medium heat until crispy in a non-stick pan, then remove from the pan. Roast the fried eggs in the remaining fat.

To serve, spread a waffle on a plate with pea hummus, cover with cheese, bacon and spinach and top with a fried egg. Serve with espresso and (in difficult cases) a headache tablet.

* Ingredients and Asterisk items can be found at well stocked retailers, or you can order them through amazon's affiliate program links above. Of course, that does not cost you a cent extra. And I get a few cents from Amazon as support for the blog work. Thank you for making this possible!